Dried Fruit

Hiltona Organic Prunes 250g
$4.25 each
Totally Pure Fruits Snap Apple 25gm
$5.99 each
Hv Apricots Turkish 250g
$10.25 each
Hv Cranberries 200g
$10.60 each
Hv Figs Turkish 350g
$12.75 each
Hv Raisins Thompson 200g
$6.80 each
Hv Raw Figs 120g
$19.20 each
Hv Sultanas 500g
$12.95 each
Org Mount Dried Banana 125g
$4.15 each
Papa Org Mango Dried 80g
$18.70 each
Three Peak Bluebs Freeze Dried
$7.25 each
Totally Pure Fruits Snap Pear 25gm
$5.99 each
Viberi Blackcurrant Dried 40g
$9.99 each
Hv Apple Wedges 125g
$12.90 each
Hv Banana Coins 190g
$11.30 each
Hv Blueberries 120g
$14.99 each
Hv Cherries Sour 200g
$13.65 each
Hv Currants 200g
$7.30 each
Hv Ginger Crystalised 250g
$15.99 each
Hv Goji Berries 150g
$10.65 each
Hv Inca Berries 175g
$14.50 each
Hv Mango 70g
$20.70 each
Hv Mulberries White 250g
$9.60 each
Hv Papaya 150g
$11.95 each
Hv Pineapple Rings 150g
$14.75 each
Hv Sultanas 200g
$6.80 each
Hv Tomatoes Low Salt 100g
$17.80 each
Hv Tomatoes Turkish 250g
$8.90 each
Pak Apricots Dried 1kg
$22.45 each
Patience Cranberries S/​Fr 142g
$9.30 each
Pop Packham Pears Dried 75g
$6.75 each
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