Organic Indulgenceorganic Indulgence Spicy Lentil Dip 200g
$7.35 each
Paris Creek Triple Cream Brie
$17.95 each
Pl&​V Cashew Dill Cheese 300g
$14.70 each
Pl&​V Mushroom Cheese 180g
$13.95 each
Rok Kombucha Strawberry 365ml
$4.80 each
Rok Passionfruit Rap Kombucha 750ml
$8.60 each
Simple Lemonade 330ml
$3.80 each
Simple Pink Grapefruit 330ml
$3.80 each
Symons Ploughmans Cheese 150g
$11.85 each
True Organic Blue Cheese 100g
$10.95 each
True Organic Brie 200g
$11.85 each
Antipodes Sparkling Water 1l
$6.90 each
Bite Me Falafel Vegetarian
$11.75 each
Bite Me Lentil Burger 250g
$12.85 each
Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey All Natural Drink
$6.55 each
Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar With Honey 473ml
$6.55 each
Braggs Acv & Grape Drink 473ml
$6.55 each
Braggs Acv & Limeade Drin
$6.60 each
Braggs Acv Pomegrante Goj
$6.60 each
Coyo Yoghurt Greek 500g
$9.99 each
Foleys Gut Shots Sauerkraut
$7.65 each
Freed Tea Soda Apple 330ml
$5.55 each
Freed Tea Soda Blueberry 330ml
$5.55 each
Freed Tea Soda Peach Vanilla
$5.55 each
Freed Tea Soda Pine Coco 330ml
$5.55 each
Isle Water Dragonfruit 350ml
$3.70 each
Kehoes Cashew Cheese Turmeric
$12.20 each
Kehoes Spiced Carrots 410g
$12.20 each
Kehoes Umeboshi Plums 270g
$10.65 each
Lo Bros Cola Fermented 330ml
$4.50 each
Lo Bros Kombucha Ginger Lemon 330ml
$4.50 each
Lo Bros Kombucha Passionfruit 330ml
$4.50 each
Lo Bros Kombucha Passionfruit 750ml
$7.99 each
Lo Bros Kombucha Pineapple
$4.50 each
Lo Bros Kombucha Raspberry And Lemon 330ml
$4.50 each
Mojo Gut Shot Berrytown 55ml
$3.95 each
Mojo Gut Shot Green 55ml
$3.95 each
Pl&​V Superkraut Cucumber 635g
$17.50 each
Pl&​V Superkraut Dill 580g
$17.50 each
Pl&​V Superkraut Green 580g
$17.50 each
Primasoy Tempeh Garlic Turmeri
$9.99 each
Primasoy Tempeh Original 250g
$7.99 each
Simple Cola 330ml
$3.80 each
Simple Lemon Lime Bitters
$3.80 each
Symons Cheddar Shredded 140g
$8.99 each
Symons Double Brie 200g
$11.85 each
The Whole Food Kitchen Beetroot Hummus 200g
$6.75 each
The Whole Food Kitchen Nepalese Curry Dhal 200g
$6.75 each
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