Kehoes Sauerkraut Beetr/​Ginger
$14.65 each
Kommunity Brew Kombucha Raspberry 375ml
$4.50 each
Lo Bros Kombucha Raspberry & Lemon 750ml
$8.45 each
Organic Indulgence Chilli Hommus 220g
$8.90 each
Paris Creek Butter Unsalted 200g
$11.65 each
Paris Creek Gouda Cheese 200g
$19.50 each
Paris Creek Triple Cream Camembert 280g
$19.95 each
Peace Love & Vegetables Superkraut Beet Herb 620g
$17.50 each
Rok Kombucha Ginger Pop 750ml
$9.20 each
Symons Butter Unsalted 250g
$9.90 each
Symons Parmesan Wedge 150g
$11.85 each
Symons Vintage Cheddar 150g
$11.85 each
Tallyho Seasoned Tofu Rte 200g
$8.95 each
Antipodes Sparkling Water 1l
$6.99 each
Antipodes Still Water 1l
$6.45 each
Barambah Yoghurt Natural Lactose Free 500gm
$7.99 each
Biobeet Sauerkraut 500g
$14.50 each
Bonsoy Sparkling Coconut 320ml
$3.20 each
Botanical Cuisine Macadamia Persian Feta 295g
$25.45 each
Coyo Coconut Milk Yoghurt Mixed Berry 500g
$10.90 each
Foley's Frothing Gut Shots Beet Kraut 350ml
$8.70 each
Kehoes Cashew Cheese Basil
$14.65 each
Kommunity Brew Kombucha Tropical Hops 750ml
$8.25 each
Kommunity Brew Probiotic Water Kefir Lavender 330ml
$4.50 each
Paris Creek Brie Triple Cream 280g
$19.95 each
Symons Ploughmans Cheese 150g
$12.95 each
Tallyho Pizza Base 2pk
$13.15 each
Ale Wife Kombucha Honey Jun Tea 330ml
$6.75 each
Biobeet Kvass Replenish Iron
$22.95 each
Biobeet Sauerkraut 500g
$14.50 each
Chefs Choice Coconut Water 330ml
$3.45 each
Coyo Yoghurt Strawberry 500g
$10.90 each
Gagas Coconut Kefir 700ml
$14.99 each
Gagas Kefir Coconut Vanilla
$14.99 each
Kommunity Brew Kombucha Ginger Turmeric 375ml
$4.50 each
Kommunity Brew Kombucha Tropical Hops 375ml
$4.50 each
Kommunity Brew Probiotic Water Kefir Lemon 330ml
$4.50 each
Lo Bros Kombucha Orange & Mango 750ml
$8.45 each
Lo Bros Kombucha Raspberry & Blackcurrant 750ml
$8.45 each
Milk Thief Milk Kefir Honey 1kg
$11.50 each
N Bruce Almond Milk Activated
$6.30 each
Organic Ways Eggs 700g
$14.50 each
Paris Creek Swiss Style Cheese 200g
$18.99 each
Peace Love & Vegetables Superkraut Cucumber 635g
$17.50 each
Primasoy Tempeh Original 250g
$8.65 each
Rok Kombucha Strawberry 365ml
$4.80 each
Barambah Low Fat Yoghurt 500g
$7.99 each
Barambah Yoghurt Vanilla 500g
$7.99 each
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